Five Reasons To Make A Will 

Protecting your Loved Ones

Most of us put off making a Will but we never know when it will be needed.

Making a Will now makes sense to get all your affairs in order and you’ll probably find life less stressful once you’ve done so.

It will give you the satisfaction of knowing that your family will be taken car of as you intended.


A list of all your assets such as property, shares, bank accounts, life insurance and liabilities including mortgages & loans etc.


Details of the recipients of the Will and who you want to act for you including any guardians.


List who you'd like to benefit from the Will and if you'd wish them to have any specific items.

You should check every three years or if there are any changes to your circumstances or if your wishes have changed.


Also then review your executors, guardians and trusties as well as any beneficiaries.

Consider a trust in your Will to safeguard your children's inheritance. Please contact us at any time if you have any doubts or concerns as soon as possible.

Almost anyone can be a guardian but usually a friend or family member over eighteen. Consider their age and health etc. to be able to care for your children.

Absolutely not as divorce can take longer than you think. Make a new Will to avoid your ex-partner inheriting from your current Will or intestacy.

Possibly not. If you die intestate (without a Will), the size of the estate and whether you have any children dictates the rules by which it's divided. This can cause an additional IHT (Inheritance Tax) liability, a co-ownership of assets, plus delays and extra expense too.

We offer safe storage for your Will because if it's lost, damaged or altered in any way, it could cause problems at Probate. Then your wishes may not be carried out.

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